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Minutes interim-2023-drip-02: Wed 14:00

Meeting Minutes Drone Remote ID Protocol (drip) WG
Date and time 2023-06-14 14:00
Title Minutes interim-2023-drip-02: Wed 14:00
State Active
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Last updated 2023-06-28


DRIP Interim 2023 JUN 14 WED 1400 UTC

AD Eric Vyncke
Chair Mohamed Boucadair
Chair Daniel Migault
note taker Stuart Card
Robert Moskowitz
Edmund Wontner
Jim Reid
Adam Wiethuechter
Michael Richardson
Saulo da Silva (ICAO Chief Global Interoperable Systems Section)
Gabriel Cox (ASTM F3411-22a work item chair)

chairs showed
the Note Well
the agenda
the document status
the Liaison Statement request that was sent

There was discussion of the Specific Session ID type and Specific
Authentication Method type registries being stood up by ICAO for ASTM,
which finally appear imminent, despite no formal response as yet to the
IETF outbound liaison statement (LS) request.

Adam W. raised questions about our contact info
in the registration requests;
Eric V. said take it to the list to make an audit trail.

Adam W. & Jim R. presented the
DRIP Identity Management Entity (DIME) architecture.

Gabriel C. & Saulo S. updated the DRIP WG on registries: a portal with
the right information is a matter of days.

Jim R. inquired about the need for a formal liaison.
Adam W. suggested it was not needed for SSID & SAM types.
Gabriel C. suggested these numbers are one-offs.
Eric V. agreed we need only confirmation of type assignment, not an
ongoing liaison.
Jim R. explained his reasoning, having to do with ensuring that future
generations of volunteers and staff may not understand the
Gabriel C. reassured us all that the defined process for registration
should suffice to document why ICAO registered anything for IETF.
Daniel M. indicated that the DRIP WG as such has no further questions
for ASTM or ICAO at this time and invited any questions in the reverse
Gabriel C. explained that delays were non-technical in nature and have
been resolved, and expressed his confidence in the technical staff that
are now rapidly implementing what has been agreed upon.
Bob M. reminded everyone that IETF has an Observer on the ICAO Trust
Framework Panel, which may serve as a liaison of sorts to shepherd
future interactions in areas forseen by Jim R.

Adam W. explained the algorithmic strategy for mapping national aviation
authorities to RAAs and ICAO assigned aircraft manufacturer codes (used
in ANSI CTI 2063-A serial numbers) to HIDs (RAAs & HDAs).

Bob M. presented his proposed DRIP Key Infrastructure (DKI) starting
with the non-technical difficulties.
Much of his recent work has involved abstracting, away from specific
organizations running hierarchies, to generic secure patterns.
The lack of a single authoritative DNS apex == IPv6 prefix owner for
HHITs (inc. initialy DETs for UAS RID and who knows what subsequently)
complicates matters.

Meeting wrapped up with thanks to all, esp. Gabriel C. & Saulo S.