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Last Call Review of draft-ietf-aqm-fq-codel-05

Request Review of draft-ietf-aqm-fq-codel
Requested revision No specific revision (document currently at 06)
Type Last Call Review
Team General Area Review Team (Gen-ART) (genart)
Deadline 2016-03-15
Requested 2016-03-10
Authors Toke Høiland-Jørgensen , Paul McKenney , , Jim Gettys , Eric Dumazet
I-D last updated 2016-03-16
Completed reviews Genart Last Call review of -05 by Elwyn B. Davies (diff)
Genart Last Call review of -05 by Elwyn B. Davies (diff)
Opsdir Last Call review of -05 by Jürgen Schönwälder (diff)
Assignment Reviewer Elwyn B. Davies
State Completed
Request Last Call review on draft-ietf-aqm-fq-codel by General Area Review Team (Gen-ART) Assigned
Reviewed revision 05 (document currently at 06)
Result Ready w/nits
Completed 2016-03-16

Hi, Toke.

I had a look through the updated draft from today (after opsdir
      fixes) and I think it addresses all the issues and editorials that
      I identified in my LC review.  Adding the comments on the state
      diagram is probably OK.  I won't push the idea of capitalising
      quantum etc. any further.

In the light of Brian C's note and his exchange with Dave about
      labels, I think Dave might add a few words about using the label
      as a classification mechanism.   

      I think Dave also wishes to reference the longer version of Paul
      McKenney's SFQ paper, referencing an link to this
      paper as a long-term stable version.  This would be fine be me.

      In the process of looking at these updates, I spotted a couple of
      nits that I missed on the previous passes:

      s2, para 1:  The phraseology here is not future-proof:


      the AQM working group draft [I-D.ietf-aqm-codel].


      the IETF document [I-D.ietf-aqm-codel].


      s3, para 2 and s4.1, para 2: (same issue in 2 places)



         and destination IP and port numbers



         and destination IP addresses and port numbers


      s4.1, last para:

      Boringly, these ought to have references and an expansion of GRE. 
      I suggest


      The Linux implementation does

         this for common encapsulations known to the kernel, such as
      6in4, IPIP and GRE tunnels.


      The Linux implementation does this for common encapsulations known
      to the kernel, such as 6in4 [RFC4213], IP-in-IP [RFC2003] and GRE
      (Generic Routing Encapsulation) [RFC2890].


      s5.6: s/Weighed/Weighted/  (I think).  PS: A ref for WFQ would be:

A. Demers, S. Keshav, and S. Shenker. "Analysis
        and simulation of a fair queueing algorithm.

 In Journal of
      Internetworking Research and Experience, pages 3-26, October
      1990. Also in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM´89, pp 3-12.

I see you incorporated the opsdir comments - check with Martin
      whether he wants you to publish the updated version before the end
      of last call since it is the day of the IESG meeting.




      Toke... your surname is too long!! This is the first draft I have
      noticed that the footer line runs out of space due to a
      combination of a long surname and the long month name.   It is
      particularly noticeable on the new version due to the day number
      taking an extra space. ;-) I don't think we'll bother too much
      about this.


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-------- Original message --------

From: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen 

<toke at>


Date: 13/03/2016 12:19 (GMT+00:00) 

To: Elwyn Davies 

<elwynd at>


Cc: General area reviewing team 

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Subject: Re: Gen-art LC review of draft-ietf-aqm-fq-codel-05

    Hi Elwyn

    I have now been through your comments and produced an updated
    version of

    the draft. It is available from here:

 (or .txt if


    Most of your comments I have just incorporated (variants of), with a

    single stylistic exception as noted below. I *think* I managed to

    everything, but I did this in two sittings, so something may have

    slipped through the cracks, I suppose. Let me know if that is the

    I believe Dave has replied to most of your other comments, so I
    won't go

    through them again unless you point out something I missed. For the

    diff (of the source document), see here:



    Elwyn Davies 

<elwynd at>


    > General: It would be helpful to capitalize Quantum throughout
    (or at

    > least from s3 onwards) to emphasise that it is a configured

    > Likewise Interval and Target parameters. Maybe also Flow and
    Queue as

    > they a defined terms.

    I think this is the only stylistic change I haven't made. I thought

    made it more difficult to read, not less.

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