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Early Review of draft-ietf-idr-bgp-car-08

Request Review of draft-ietf-idr-bgp-car
Requested revision No specific revision (document currently at 10)
Type Early Review
Team Ops Directorate (opsdir)
Deadline 2024-03-28
Requested 2024-03-12
Requested by Susan Hares
Authors Dhananjaya Rao , Swadesh Agrawal , Co-authors
I-D last updated 2024-04-23
Completed reviews Secdir Early review of -05 by Yoav Nir (diff)
Tsvart Early review of -05 by Brian Trammell (diff)
Rtgdir Early review of -05 by Mike McBride (diff)
Opsdir Early review of -08 by Yingzhen Qu (diff)
Opsdir Early review of -02 by Yingzhen Qu (diff)
Rtgdir Early review of -02 by Ben Niven-Jenkins (diff)
Assignment Reviewer Yingzhen Qu
State Completed
Request Early review on draft-ietf-idr-bgp-car by Ops Directorate Assigned
Posted at
Reviewed revision 08 (document currently at 10)
Result Has nits
Completed 2024-04-23
Thanks to the authors for their work on this draft. The readability and clarity
of have improved a lot since my last review of version -02.

I have the following comments and questions for the authors to consider.

General comment:
Please consider changing "ISIS" to "IS-IS".

The line numbers are from idnits:

191    BGP CAR SAFI can be enabled on transport devices in a provider
192    network (underlay) to set up color-aware transport/infrastructure
193    paths across the provider network.  The multi-domain transport
194    network may comprise of multiple BGP ASes as well as multiple IGP
195    domains within a single BGP AS.

Q: is it possible to set up a path cross multiple service providers?

331    *  BR: An inter-domain Border Router, either for an IGP Area (ABR) or
332       a BGP Autonomous System (ASBR).

I'd suggest change "An inter-domian Border Router" to "Border Router".

491          the color-aware route.  Color is not necessary in NLRI key as a
492          distinguisher.

"not necessary" sounds like color may still be there. Suggest to change to "not

500    *  AIGP Metric [RFC7311]: accumulates color/intent specific metric

Please expand "AIGP" here, since it shows up for the first time.

831    The key length also helps make error handling more resilient and
832    minimally disruptive.

s/helps make error handling/helps error handling

1044     If a BGP transport CAR speaker sets itself as the next hop while
1045     propagating a CAR route, it allocates a local label for the specific
1046     prefix and color combination.  When the received BGP update has the
1047     CAR Label Index TLV, the speaker SHOULD use that hint to allocate the
1048     local label from the SR Global Block (SRGB) using procedures as
1049     specified in [RFC8669] Section 4.

Q: Should here be allocating a SR SID instead of a local label?

1207     []":

nits: please remove the extra ".

1487  5.2.  Deployment model
nits: s/model/Model

1518                                  Figure 3

nits: please add a title for Figure 3.

2440     routes must not be filtered, otherwise the desired intent will not be

Should this be "MUST"?