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Early Review of draft-ietf-jmap-rest-00

Request Review of draft-ietf-jmap-rest
Requested revision No specific revision (document currently at 00)
Type Early Review
Team HTTP Directorate (httpdir)
Deadline 2024-03-15
Requested 2024-02-19
Requested by Mark Nottingham
Authors Joris Baum , Hans-Jörg Happel
I-D last updated 2024-02-21
Completed reviews Httpdir Early review of -00 by Mark Nottingham
Assignment Reviewer Mark Nottingham
State Completed
Request Early review on draft-ietf-jmap-rest by HTTP Directorate Assigned
Reviewed revision 00
Result On the Right Track
Completed 2024-02-21
This specification defines a very small mechanism to expose JMAP via HTTP
(although JMAP uses HTTP already, it does so in a highly specialised way that
is not accessible to most HTTP clients).

As a general comment, I wonder whether it's helpful to have "REST" in the
title, since this is clearly a minimal API that happens to be exposed over
HTTP; it has more to do with RPC than REST. Perhaps "JMAP HTTP Resource", "JMAP
HTTP Interface" or similar?

Two specific issues to consider:

* Section 1.3 seems to implicitly reinvent RFC 6570. Have you considered using
that syntax instead?

* Section 2 always uses POST. Is it possible to map some calls to GET to obtain
benefits such as caching, idempotence, retry ability, etc.?