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Early Review of draft-schanzen-gns-10

Request Review of draft-schanzen-gns-08
Requested revision 08 (document currently at 28)
Type Early Review
Team Internationalization Directorate (i18ndir)
Deadline 2022-03-11
Requested 2022-02-16
Requested by Adrian Farrel
Authors Martin Schanzenbach , Christian Grothoff , Bernd Fix
I-D last updated 2022-03-04
Completed reviews I18ndir Early review of -10 by Jiankang Yao (diff)

draft-schanzen-gns has been presented for publication as an Informational RFC in the Independent Stream. It describes the implementation of an alternative to the DNS.

The document has been through several cycles of review and update and is currently undergoing a further review. 

The issue of internaitonalisation support is something that the ISE is not familiar with and would particularly welcome assistance. Since this document is intended to describe what is out there, we need to understand:
- How might the interaction with the DNS be broken in terms of internaitonalisation?
- What limits have they imposed on themselves and their users by their choice of level of internationalisation, what should they flag up as a deficiency, and what really needs more work if they are serious about using this approach instead of DNS.

It is, perhaps, worth highlighting, that the fundamental premise of GNS is that is uses "hyperlocal" root zones.

Obviously, any other comments and thoughts that you notice along the way would be really welcome.

Adrian Farrel (current ISE about to be replaced by Eliot Lear)
Assignment Reviewer Jiankang Yao
State Completed
Review review-schanzen-gns-10-i18ndir-early-yao-2022-03-04
Posted at
Reviewed revision 10 (document currently at 28)
Result Not ready
Completed 2022-03-04
Some review comments below:
1)This document says something about internaitonalisation, but some wording
related to internaitonalisation make the readers confusing. For example, in
section 5.2.2, there is a definition " DNS NAME  The name to continue with in
DNS.  The value is UTF-8 encoded and 0-terminated." It seems to indicate that
the DNS name can be UTF-8. If it is a DNS name, it should be in ASCII, not in
UTF-8 because all names including IDN stored in DNS are in ASCII or A-label

2)It seems that both this system and current DNS share the same name space. So
it is possible that two name spaces will collide with each other in the future.
It may confuse the future applications when looking up for the same name. Does
this name belong to DNS or GNU name system?

3)It is interested to know that there is a section named with "GANA
Considerations". It seems that GANA will replace some function of IANA.
  If we follow the current way, the parameters produced by this document need
  to be managed by IANA instead of GANA.

4)ICANN manages the DNS name root space. I suggest to ask some experts from
ICANN to review this document.