FYI on a Network Management Tool Catalog: Tools for Monitoring and Debugging TCP/IP Internets and Interconnected Devices
RFC 1147

Document Type RFC - Informational (April 1990; No errata)
Obsoleted by RFC 1470
Author Robert Stine 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                    R. Stine, Editor
          Request for Comments: 1147                   SPARTA, Inc.
          FYI: 2                                         April 1990

                   FYI on a Network Management Tool Catalog:
              Tools for Monitoring and Debugging TCP/IP Internets
                           and Interconnected Devices

          Status of this Memo

          The goal of this FYI memo is to provide practical informa-
          tion to site administrators and network managers.  This memo
          provides information for the Internet community.  It does
          not specify any standard.  It is not a statement of IAB pol-
          icy or recommendations.  Comments, critiques, and new or
          updated tool descriptions are welcome, and should be sent to
          Robert Stine, at, or to the NOCTools work-
          ing group, at

          Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

          1. Introduction

          This catalog contains descriptions of several tools avail-
          able to assist network managers in debugging and maintaining
          TCP/IP internets and interconnected communications
          resources.  Entries in the catalog tell what a tool does,
          how it works, and how it can be obtained.

          The NOCTools Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task
          Force (IETF) compiled this catalog in 1989.  Future editions
          will be produced as IETF members become aware of tools that
          should be included, and of deficiencies or inaccuracies.
          Developing an edition oriented to the OSI protocol suite is
          also contemplated.

          The tools described in this catalog are in no way endorsed
          by the IETF.  For the most part, we have neither evaluated
          the tools in this catalog, nor validated their descriptions.
          Most of the descriptions of commercial tools have been pro-
          vided by vendors.  Caveat Emptor.

          1.1 Purpose

          The practice of re-inventing the wheel seems endemic to the
          field of data communications.  The primary goal of this

          IETF NOCTools Working Group                         [Page 1]
          RFC 1147    FYI: Network Management Tool Catalog  April 1990

          document is to fight that tendency in a small but useful
          way.  By listing the capabilities of some of the available
          network management tools, we hope to pool and share
          knowledge and experience.  Another goal of this catalog is
          to show those new in the field what can be done to manage
          internet sites.  A network management tutorial at the end of
          the document is of further assistance in this area.
          Finally, by omission, this catalog points out the network
          management tools that are needed, but do not yet exist.

          There are other sources of information on available network
          management tools.  Both the DDN Protocol Implementation and
          Vendors Guide and the DATAPRO series on data communications
          and LANs are particularly comprehensive and informative.
          The DDN Protocol Implementation and Vendors Guide addresses
          a wide range of internet management topics, including
          evaluations of protocol implementations and network
          analyzers.* The DATAPRO volumes, though expensive (check
          your local university or technical libraries!), are good
          surveys of available commercial products for network manage-
          ment.  DATAPRO also includes tutorials, market analyses,
          product evaluations, and predictions on technology trends.

          1.2 Scope

          The tools described in this document are used for managing
          the network resources, LANs, and devices that are commonly
          interconnected by TCP/IP internets.  This document is not,
          however, a "how to" manual on network management.  While it
          includes a tutorial, the coverage is much too brief and gen-
          eral to serve as a sole source: a great deal of further
          study is required of aspiring network managers.  Neither is
          this catalog is an operations manual for particular tools.
          Each individual tool entry is brief, and emphasizes the uses
          to which a tool can be put.  A tool's documentation, which
          in some cases runs to hundreds of pages, should be consulted
          for assistance in its installation and operation.

          1.3 Overview

          Section 1 describes the purpose, scope, and organization of
          this catalog.

          Section 2 lists and explains the standard keywords used in
          * Instructions for obtaining the DDN Protocol Guide are
          given in Section 7 of the appendix.

          IETF NOCTools Working Group                         [Page 2]
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