FYI on a Network Management Tool Catalog: Tools for Monitoring and Debugging TCP/IP Internets and Interconnected Devices
RFC 1470

Document Type RFC - Informational (June 1993; No errata)
Obsoletes RFC 1147
Also known as FYI 2
Authors Robert Enger  , Joyce Reynolds 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                                           R. Enger
Request for Comments: 1470                                           ANS
FYI: 2                                                       J. Reynolds
Obsoletes: 1147                                                      ISI
                                                               June 1993

               FYI on a Network Management Tool Catalog:
          Tools for Monitoring and Debugging TCP/IP Internets
                       and Interconnected Devices

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


   The goal of this FYI memo is to provide an update to FYI 2, RFC 1147
   [1], which provided practical information to site administrators and
   network managers.  New and/or updated tools are listed in this RFC.
   Additonal descriptions are welcome, and should be sent to: noctools-


   A static document cannot incorporate references to the latest tools
   nor recent revisions to the older catalog entries.  To provide a more
   timely and responsive information source, the NOCtools catalog is
   available on-line via the Internet and Usenet.

      news    comp.networks.noctools

   Because of publication delays and other factors, some of the entries
   in this catalog may be out of date.  The reader is urged to consult
   the on-line service to obtain the most up-to-date information.

   The index provided in this document reflects the current contents of
   the on-line documentation.

   The NOCtools2 Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force
   (IETF) has compiled this revised catalog.  Future revisions will be
   incorporated into the on-line NOCtools catalog.  The reader is
   encouraged to submit new or revised entries for (near-immediate)
   electronic publication.

NOCTools2 Working Group                                         [Page 1]
RFC 1470          FYI: Network Management Tool Catalog         June 1993

   The tools described in this catalog are in no way endorsed by the
   IETF.  For the most part, we have neither evaluated the tools in this
   catalog, nor validated their descriptions.  Most of the descriptions
   of commercial tools have been provided by vendors.  Caveat Emptor.


   This catalog is the result of work on the part of the NOCTools2
   Working Group of the User Services Area of the IETF.  The following
   individuals made especially notable contributions: Chris Myers,
   Darren Kinley, Gary Malkin, Mohamed Ellozy, and Mike Patton.

Current Postings

   The current contents of the NOCtools catalog may be retrieved via
   anonymous FTP from  The entries are stored as
   individual files in the directory /doc/noctools.

"No-Writeups" Appendix

   This section contains references to tools which are known to exist,
   but which have not been fully cataloged.  If anyone wishes to author
   an entry for one of these tools please contact us at:

   Keep in mind that if these or other tools are included in the future,
   they will be available in the on-line version of the catalog.

   Each mention is separated by a <form-feed> for improved readability.
   If you intend to actually print-out this section of the catalog, then
   you should probably strip-out the <ff>.

How to Submit/Update an Entry

      1) review the template included below to determine what
         information you will need to collect,
      2) review the keywords to see what your indexing options are,
      3) assemble (update) catalog entry to include results of
         1) and 2).
      4) Submit your entry using either of the following two methods:

         a) Post your submission to: comp.internet.noctools.submissions
         b) Email your submission to:

   New entries will be circulated automatically upon reception.  As time
   permits, the NOCtools editors will review recent submissions and
   incorporate them into the master indexes.  Enquiries regarding the

NOCTools2 Working Group                                         [Page 2]
RFC 1470          FYI: Network Management Tool Catalog         June 1993

   status of a submission should be E-Mailed to:


   Those submitting an entry to the catalog should insure that any E-
   mail addresses provided are correct and functional.  Either the
   catalog editors or prospective users of your tool may wish to reach

NOCTools2 Working Group                                         [Page 3]
RFC 1470          FYI: Network Management Tool Catalog         June 1993


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