Representing IP Information in the X.500 Directory
RFC 1608

Document Type RFC - Experimental (March 1994; No errata)
Authors Thomas Johannsen  , Mark Kosters  , Glenn Mansfield  , Srinivas Sataluri 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                                       T. Johannsen
Request for Comments: 1608                            Dresden University
Category: Experimental                                      G. Mansfield
                                                  AIC Systems Laboratory
                                                              M. Kosters
                                                  Network Solutions,Inc.
                                                             S. Sataluri
                                                  AT&T Bell Laboratories
                                                              March 1994

           Representing IP Information in the X.500 Directory

Status of this Memo

   This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet
   community.  This memo does not specify an Internet standard of any
   kind.  Discussion and suggestions for improvement are requested.
   Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


   This document describes the objects necessary to include information
   about IP networks and IP numbers in the X.500 Directory. It extends
   the work "Charting networks in the X.500 Directory" [1] where a
   general framework is presented for representing networks in the
   Directory by applying it to IP networks.  This application of the
   Directory is intended to support the work of IP network assigning
   authorities, NICs, as well as other applications looking for a
   mapping of IP numbers to data of related networks. Furthermore,
   Autonomous Systems and related routing policy information can be
   represented in the Directory along with their relationship to
   networks and organizations.

Johannsen, Mansfield, Kosters & Sataluri                        [Page 1]
RFC 1608         IP Information in the X.500 Directory        March 1994

Table of Contents

      1. Introduction                                     2
      2. IP images of networks                            3
      2.1 IP network image                                3
      2.2 IP node image                                   5
      2.3 IP network interface image                      6
      2.4 Autonomous Systems                              7
      3. Number assignment information                    7
      3.1 Delegated Block object                          8
      3.2 IP Group object                                 9
      3.3 IP Reference object                            10
      3.4 AS Block object                                10
      3.5 AS Reference object                            10
      4. Directory tree                                  11
      4.1 IP image objects                               11
      4.2 AS objects                                     11
      4.3 Namespace objects                              11
      4.4 Relationship to organizational entries         13
      5. Security Considerations                         14
      6. Authors' Addresses                              15
      References                                         16
      Appendix: OID tables                               17

1. Introduction

   Information related to the Internet Network Infrastructure is created
   and stored by a number of different organizations, such as the
   Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), Internet Registry (IR),
   Network Information Centers (NICs), and the NSFNET Network Operations
   Center (NOC).  This information is generally "mastered" (stored and
   maintained) by these organizations on a centralized basis, i.e.,
   there is a single place to look for a definitive list of entries for
   these categories.  This has worked well in the past but given the
   tremendous growth of the Internet and its number of users and
   networks, it is essential that a distributed schema be used.

   The X.500 Directory offers the appropriate technology for
   implementing this distributed method of managing network
   infrastructure information.

   The following goals are addressed in this document:

    o Provision of IP specific images of network elements
    o Mapping from Network Number to network, owner, provider etc.
    o Support of delegation of IP address blocks
    o Storage of high-level routing policies and AS information
    o Support of "classless" network address formats

Johannsen, Mansfield, Kosters & Sataluri                        [Page 2]
RFC 1608         IP Information in the X.500 Directory        March 1994

    o Provision of several organizational images of a network

   It may be noted that the document basically consists of two parts.
   In the first part, an IP specific extension of the general framework
   "Charting networks in the Directory" [1] is given.  Objects defined
   by the application of this framework are related to IP numbers. An IP
   namespace is defined in the second part of this paper, referring to
   IP network elements defined at the beginning.

2. IP images of networks
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