Ukrainian Character Set KOI8-U
RFC 2319

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Network Working Group                              KOI8-U Working Group
Request for Comments: 2319                                   April 1998
Category: Informational

                     Ukrainian Character Set KOI8-U

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of this
   memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (1998).  All Rights Reserved.


   This document provides information about character encoding KOI8-U
   (KOI8 Ukrainian) wich is a de-facto standard in Ukrainian Internet
   community.  KOI8-U is compatible with KOI8-R (RFC 1489) in all
   Russian letters and extends it with four Ukrainian letters which
   locations are compliant with ISO-IR-111.  The official site of KOI8-U
   Working Group is


   This document provides information about character encoding KOI8-U
   (KOI8 Ukrainian) widely used in Ukrainian Internet community for mail
   and news exchange as well as for presentation of WWW information
   resources in Ukrainian language.

   Originally, specification of proposed standard koi8-u was officially
   adopted by the conference of Postmasters of Ukrainian Internet
   Service Providers in Slavsk in Autumn of 1992 presented by Igor
   Sviridov from Kiev and Stas Vorony from Kharkiv. Later in June 1995
   this specification was completed with UKRAINIAN GHE WITH UPTURN.

   KOI8-U (KOI8 Ukrainian) is a de-facto standard supported in many
   operation systems and Internet user applications including encoding
   tables, fonts, locale support for many operating systems and

   MIME character set name: koi8-u

KOI8-U Working Group         Informational                      [Page 1]
RFC 2319             Ukrainian Character Set KOI8-U           April 1998

Relation to other RFCs

   This standard is based on several published standards:  RFC1489 (it
   is fully compatible in all Russian letters), RFC-1345, ISO-IR-111,
   ISO 10646.

Compatibility with other character sets

   The lower part of the KOI8-U Ukrainian Character Set is a complete
   copy of ASCII, just as it's used in KOI8-R and other non-ASCII

   The upper part of the KOI8-U Character Set contains all Russian
   letters defined in KOI8-R and four Ukrainian letters (#164, #180 -
   ukr. ie, #166, #182 - ukr. i, #167, #183 - ukr. yi, #173, #189 - ukr.
   ghe  with upturn) which locations are compliant with ISO-IR-111.

   BOX DRAWINGS elements in the other positions (that are not used by
   Ukrainian letters) are the same as in KOI8-R character set. List of
   all differences between KOI8-R and proposed KOI8-U is given in

Specification of the upper part of KOI8-U codepage

   The description of all characters of upper half part of KOI8-U
   codepage is given according to ISO 10646 Unicode Character Set (UCS).

   KOI8-U charset table in RFC1345 format is given in Appendix B.

    <decimal>  <hex-code>  <UCS>     <description>

   128       80      U2500      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT HORIZONTAL
   129       81      U2502      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT VERTICAL
   130       82      U250C      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT DOWN AND RIGHT
   131       83      U2510      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT DOWN AND LEFT
   132       84      U2514      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT UP AND RIGHT
   133       85      U2518      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT UP AND LEFT
   134       86      U251C      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT VERTICAL AND RIGHT
   135       87      U2524      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT VERTICAL AND LEFT
   136       88      U252C      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT DOWN AND HORIZONTAL
   137       89      U2534      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT UP AND HORIZONTAL
   138       8A      U253C      BOX DRAWINGS  LIGHT VERTICAL AND
   139       8B      U2580      UPPER HALF BLOCK
   140       8C      U2584      LOWER HALF BLOCK
   141       8D      U2588      FULL BLOCK
   142       8E      U258C      LEFT HALF BLOCK
   143       8F      U2590      RIGHT HALF BLOCK

KOI8-U Working Group         Informational                      [Page 2]
RFC 2319             Ukrainian Character Set KOI8-U           April 1998

   144       90      U2591      LIGHT SHADE
   145       91      U2592      MEDIUM SHADE
   146       92      U2593      DARK SHADE
   147       93      U2320      TOP HALF INTEGRAL
   148       94      U25A0      BLACK SQUARE
   149       95      U2219      BULLET OPERATOR
   150       96      U221A      SQUARE ROOT
   151       97      U2248      ALMOST EQUAL TO
   152       98      U2264      LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO
   153       99      U2265      GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO
   154       9A      U00A0      NO-BREAK SPACE
   155       9B      U2321      BOTTOM HALF INTEGRAL
   156       9C      U00B0      DEGREE SIGN
   157       9D      U00B2      SUPERSCRIPT TWO
   158       9E      U00B7      MIDDLE DOT
   159       9F      U00F7      DIVISION SIGN
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