QoS Routing Mechanisms and OSPF Extensions
RFC 2676

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2017-05-16 05 (System) Changed document authors from "George Apostolopoulos, Ariel Orda" to "George Apostolopoulos, Ariel Orda, Doug Williams, Roch Guerin, Tony Przygienda, Sanjay Kamat"
1999-08-01 05 (System) RFC published
1999-06-25 05 (System) IESG has approved the document
1999-04-14 05 (System) New version available: draft-guerin-qos-routing-ospf-05.txt
1998-12-23 04 (System) New version available: draft-guerin-qos-routing-ospf-04.txt
1998-08-14 03 (System) New version available: draft-guerin-qos-routing-ospf-03.txt
1997-03-26 01 (System) New version available: draft-guerin-qos-routing-ospf-01.txt
1996-11-28 00 (System) New version available: draft-guerin-qos-routing-ospf-00.txt