Telnet Authentication Option
RFC 2941

Document Type RFC - Proposed Standard (September 2000; No errata)
Obsoletes RFC 1416
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Network Working Group                                     T. Ts'o, Editor
Request for Comments: 2941                               VA Linux Systems
Obsoletes: 1416                                                 J. Altman
Category: Standards Track                             Columbia University
                                                           September 2000

                      Telnet Authentication Option

Status of this Memo

   This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the
   Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for
   improvements.  Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet
   Official Protocol Standards" (STD 1) for the standardization state
   and status of this protocol.  Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2000).  All Rights Reserved.


   This document describes the authentication option to the telnet [1]
   protocol as a generic method for negotiating an authentication type
   and mode including whether encryption should be used and if
   credentials should be forwarded.  While this document summarizes
   currently utilized commands and types it does not define a specific
   authentication type.  Separate documents are to be published defining
   each authentication type.

   This document updates a previous specification of the telnet
   authentication option, RFC 1416 [2], so that it can be used to
   securely enable the telnet encryption option [3].

1.  Command Names and Codes

      AUTHENTICATION          37

          Authentication Commands
          IS                       0
          SEND                     1
          REPLY                    2
          NAME                     3

          Authentication Types
          NULL                     0
          KERBEROS_V4              1

Ts'o & Altman               Standards Track                     [Page 1]
RFC 2941              Telnet Authentication Option        September 2000

          KERBEROS_V5              2
          SPX*                     3
          MINK*                    4
          SRP                      5
          RSA*[also used by SRA*]  6
          SSL*                     7
          [unassigned]             8
          [unassigned]             9
          LOKI*                   10
          SSA*                    11
          KEA_SJ                  12
          KEA_SJ_INTEG            13
          DSS                     14
          NTLM*                   15

       Authentication types followed by (*) were never submitted to the
       IETF for consideration as an Internet standard.

       Following historical practice, future authentication type numbers
       and authentication modifiers will be assigned by the IANA under a
       First Come First Served policy as outlined by RFC 2434 [4].
       Despite the fact that authentication type numbers are allocated
       out of an 8-bit number space (as are most values in the telnet
       specification) it is not anticipated that the number space is or
       will become in danger of being exhausted.  However, if this
       should become an issue, when over 50% of the number space becomes
       allocated, the IANA shall refer allocation requests to either the
       IESG or a designated expert for approval.  IANA is instructed not
       to issue new suboption values without submission of documentation
       of their use.

          AUTH_WHO_MASK        1
          AUTH_CLIENT_TO_SERVER    0
          AUTH_SERVER_TO_CLIENT    1

          AUTH_HOW_MASK        2
          AUTH_HOW_ONE_WAY         0
          AUTH_HOW_MUTUAL          2

          ENCRYPT_MASK        20
          ENCRYPT_OFF              0
          ENCRYPT_USING_TELOPT     4
          ENCRYPT_RESERVED        20

          INI_CRED_FWD_MASK    8
          INI_CRED_FWD_OFF         0

Ts'o & Altman               Standards Track                     [Page 2]
RFC 2941              Telnet Authentication Option        September 2000

          INI_CRED_FWD_ON          8

2.  Command Meanings

   This document makes reference to a "server" and a "client".  For the
   purposes of this document, the "server" is the side of the connection
   that performed the passive TCP open (TCP LISTEN state), and the
   "client" is the side of the connection that did the active open.


      The client side of the connection sends this command to indicate
      that it is willing to send and receive authentication information.


      The servers side of the connection sends this command to indicate
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