Domain-wide Prefix Distribution with Two-Level IS-IS
RFC 2966

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2015-10-14 03 (System) Notify list changed from to (None)
2008-04-10 03 Ross Callon State Changes to Dead from AD Evaluation::Revised ID Needed by Ross Callon
2007-05-10 03 Ross Callon State Changes to AD Evaluation::Revised ID Needed from Publication Requested by Ross Callon
2007-03-22 03 Bill Fenner Responsible AD has been changed to Ross Callon from Bill Fenner
2007-02-26 03 Bill Fenner Needs split references.
2007-02-26 03 Bill Fenner No downrefs ([1] could be considered a 3967 candidate).  [3] needs to be updated to RFC3784 / its-PS-equivalent
2007-02-26 03 Bill Fenner Draft Added by Bill Fenner in state Publication Requested
2000-10-01 03 (System) RFC published
2000-07-13 03 (System) IESG has approved the document
2000-07-11 03 (System) New version available: draft-ietf-isis-domain-wide-03.txt
2000-01-28 02 (System) New version available: draft-ietf-isis-domain-wide-02.txt
1999-06-28 01 (System) New version available: draft-ietf-isis-domain-wide-01.txt
1999-02-26 00 (System) New version available: draft-ietf-isis-domain-wide-00.txt