Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUM
RFC 3026

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Network Working Group                                           R. Blane
Request for Comments: 3026                                           ITU
Category: Informational                                     January 2001

                      Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUM

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of this
   memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2001).  All Rights Reserved.


   Working Party 1/2, of the International Telecommunication Union
   Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) held a meeting of
   its collaborators in Berlin Germany 19-26 October 2000.  The agenda
   of the meeting contained several contributions regarding RFC 2916:
   "E.164 Number and DNS" from the Internet Engineering Task Force's
   (IETF) ENUM Working Group - more specifically, the method for
   administering and maintaining the E.164-based resources in the Domain
   Name System (DNS) as related to the ENUM protocol.  Consequently, in
   addition to the WP1/2 collaborators, there were several members of
   the IETF present to assist with the discussion of issues contained in
   the aforementioned contributions.

   This liaison from WP1/2 to the IETF/ISOC conveys the understandings
   of the WP1/2 collaborators resulting from the discussions.

1. Considerations under Question 1/2 (Numbering)

   Throughout this document, the terms "administration" or
   "administrative functions" refer to the provision and update of the
   E.164 numerical values, to be contained in the zones of a domain name
   in the "" domain, in the DNS.

   It is noted that most ENUM service and administrative decisions are
   national issues under the purview of ITU Member States, since most of
   the E.164 resources are utilized nationally.

   These understandings are relative only to the provision of E.164
   information for DNS administrative functions, not policy or
   operational functions.

Blane                        Informational                      [Page 1]
RFC 3026              Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUM          January 2001

   In order to advance a common terminology for the purpose of this
   liaison, we have defined the zones of a domain name as follows.

   Using an example, domain name "" (as
   in RFC 2916) is segmented into zones as follow: - domain zone

      3.3. - country code zone (1, 2, or 3 digits dependent on CC) - national zone

   The first understandings to be conveyed are those regarding the
   responsibilities for administration of the various zones within the
   "" domain:

   o  The domain zone administration was agreed to be outside the scope
      of this meeting and WP1/2.

   o  For all E.164 Country Code Zone resources (Country Codes and
      Identification Codes), the ITU has the responsibility to provide
      assignment information to DNS administrators, for performing the
      administrative function.  The ITU will ensure that each Member
      State has authorized the inclusion of their Country Code
      information for input to the DNS.  For resources that are spare or
      designated as test codes there will normally be no entry in the
      DNS.  However, the ITU will provide spare code lists to DNS
      administrators for purposes of clarification.  The entity to which
      E.164 test codes have been assigned will be responsible for
      providing any appropriate assignment information to DNS

   o  The administration of National Zone numbering information is
      determined by the type of Country Code resource that a National
      Zone is behind:

      *  The national zone, for geographic resources, is a national
         matter and is, therefore, administered by the ITU Member
         State(s) to which the country code is assigned.  In an
         integrated numbering plan, e.g., CC "1", each Country within
         the plan may administer their portion of the resource in a
         different manner.

      *  For national zone resources behind the Country Codes assigned
         to and shared by Networks, the entity to which the resource is
         assigned provides the E.164 assignment information, to DNS
         administrators for performing the administrative function.

Blane                        Informational                      [Page 2]
RFC 3026              Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUM          January 2001

      *  For national zone resources behind the Country Codes assigned
         to and shared by Groups of Countries, the administrative entity
         identified by the Countries of the Group provides the E.164
         assignment information, to DNS administrators, for performing
         the administrative function.  Note that the creation of this
         category is dependent upon the approval of draft Recommendation
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