Application Performance Measurement MIB
RFC 3729

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Comment (2003-09-30)
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Going through the HTTP example in some detail, I found it hard to understand
how I would use this data in the presence of services built on top of HTTP.  The
URL matching algorithm seems designed to allow an administrator to say something
like "maps.cgi?" as a prefix will have a different exception processing than
"zipcode.cgi?".That seems reasonable for exception reporting, for some level
of understanding of the likely inputs.  apmThroughputExceptionMinTime
seems, however, seems likely to obscure more than it reveals, since it makes
a presumption about the "fixed" transaction costs.  The transaction costs
include things like handshake, which are dependent on outside factors and do not
seem to be fixed at all.

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Comment (2003-10-02 for -)
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No further objection given Ted's DISCUSS. Considering that the optimal architecture envisioned by the document is one where there is an agent in every enterprise desktop reporting the target and outcome of all network transactions to a centralized server... there do seem to be serious end-user privacy concerns.

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