The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) "Replaces" Header
RFC 3891

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It is completely unclear to me whether the key that needs to be provided for retrieving a call from a "parking" place is the parking place's key or the original callee's key, or some key that the caller is supposed to "know" is authorized to collect a call parked by the original callee.
But since this document aggressively does not describe the services built on top of this functionality, I am not adding a DISCUSS for it; the details of authentication are probably better addressed in a doc that DOES describe the services. I hope that's forthcoming.

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1. s/

2. Please reword the last sentence of the paragraph at the top of page 12
to add clarity.  I suggest:
    Likewise in a call center environment, supervisors could have access to
    the credentials of each call center agent.

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