Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for Event State Publication
RFC 3903

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Comment (2004-04-14 for -)
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Reviewed by John Loughney, Gen-ART

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Comment (2004-04-15)
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Tables 2 and 3 would be clearer if the document reproduced the key from p. 160 of RFC 3261.

I'm extremely confused by this document, since I don't understand what's being published.  Or rather, I do understand one thing that can be published -- CPIM presence announcements, since that's what's in the example -- but what else can be published?  In what format?  Is this CPIM-specific?  If not, how can an ESC function if it has to "composit" (not my idea of a verb!) arbitrarily different things.

There are unexpanded acronyms (UAC, UAS, PUA)

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