A Mission Statement for the IETF
RFC 3935

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 02 and is now closed.

(Margaret Cullen) Yes

(Bill Fenner) Yes

Comment (2004-07-22)
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In section 4.5, I think the first sentence of the second paragraph is unclear:

   Sometimes the IETF defines standards that are ultimately used mostly
   for non-global IP-routing Internet.

Does this mean "mostly not on The Internet"?  (Remember, "The Internet" was defined in section 2).

(Ted Hardie) Yes

(Scott Hollenbeck) Yes

(Russ Housley) Yes

(David Kessens) Yes

Comment (2004-07-15)
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Missed last call comments (editorial fixes) by Brian Carpenter, I will
add rfc editor note:

>1. Mission statement
>   Open process - any interested participant can participate in the
>      work,
That's self-referential. I think you mean
Open process - any interested person can participate in the work,

>2. Definition of terms
>   Misson:  What an organization sets out to do. This is in contrast to

(Allison Mankin) Yes

(Thomas Narten) Yes

(Jon Peterson) Yes

(Bert Wijnen) Yes

(Steven Bellovin) No Objection

(Alex Zinin) No Objection

(Harald Alvestrand) Recuse

Comment (2004-07-19)
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Recusing as editor.