Tag Image File Format Fax eXtended (TIFF-FX) - image/tiff-fx MIME Sub-type Registration
RFC 3950

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 01 and is now closed.

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Comment (2004-04-01 for -)
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Reviewed by Scott Brim, Gen-ART. "Marvelously polished".

Some surprise at reference to WG mailing list for comments - WGs go away.

Editorial nits, tiff-fx:
    "Section 6defines" should have a space after 6.

    "Not all TIFF readers historically used for fax are able to deal
    with non-byte aligned.  data." -- has an extra "."

Editorial nit, tiff-fx-reg:

   Security issues for this media type are discussed in the security
   considerations section of the media type registration that appears in
   section 5.

He means Section 6.  Faulty parallelism with rfc3302.

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Comment (2004-03-26 for -)
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(26 March 2004)
There are several fields listed as ASCII -- document name, software package, etc. -- that probably should be in UTF-8.  Can this be done, or would it break compatibility?

Somewhere, the Security Considerations should say that the file name MUST NOT be used to blindly select a processing program, just as is said for MIME types.  (This comment is very close to a DISCUSS)

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Comment (2004-03-29 for -)
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The boilerplate in -fx-13 says Proposed Standard, where this is going to draft.
That will get pulled, but it made me wonder if there was separate boilerplate
for docs passed proposed standard in general.

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Comment (2004-04-02 for -)
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Nit: In draft-ietf-fax-tiff-fx-13, the Abstract suggests that revisions are summarized in Annex C. There is no Annex C - in fact, they mean Annex B (Annex B number 13 suggests how this probably happened). Also, in Annex B, number 3m "re-encoded the color color palette" probably needs only one 'color'.

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Comment (2004-04-02)
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Document draft-ietf-fax-tiff-fx-13.txt talks about "this draft"
at various places. Does not read well once it is an RFC.
Probably should be changed to "this document".

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Comment (2004-04-01 for -)
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Both docs need a standard IPR Section.