Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) Service Registration for Presence Services
RFC 3953

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 01 and is now closed.

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Comment (2004-05-27)
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Reviewed by Kent Crispin, Gen-ART
His review:

This draft is one of the many areas where I have little expertise. 
That said, in my non-expert opinion, it's on the right track, but it
needs more.  In particular, I would have found it quite helpful if the
example section was expanded, and some explanation thrown in.

References not split into normative/informative...

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Comment (2004-05-24)
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The example provided in section 5 uses domain "" instead of example.(com|net|org) or <something>.example as described in RFC 2606.  The example line is a little long, too, and will need to be wrapped to fit the page boundary.

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Comment (2004-05-26)
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  In section 5: s/

  I would prefer a stronger statement in Section 6, 2nd paragraph,
  last sentence.  How about:

    Any presence protocol that is used in conjunction with the
    'pres' URI scheme must meet the privacy requirements detailed
    in RFC2779.

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Comment (2004-05-26)
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Abstract needs to expand the acronyms

On page 3 sect 1 need to use proper example fqdn:
  like ''.
  like ''.

There are several other places where an Acronym is used without
being expanded with the first time use.

You may want to check for consistency. 
Sometimes I see: 'pres' URI
other times just: pres URI

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(Jon Peterson) Recuse