Cisco Systems NetFlow Services Export Version 9
RFC 3954

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 08 and is now closed.

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Comment (2004-01-03 for -)
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I would have expected the risks of exposure of flow information to at least
be mentioned in the security considerations section. We're talking about
traffic analysis here, after all. Perhaps a reference to the discussion
of these isssues in draft-ietf-ipfix-reqs-12.txt is in order?

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Comment (2004-01-08 for -)
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I think we should not lose sight of the goal here.  Netflow has a ton of flaws, that's 
why the IPFIX WG exists.  But it is probably useful for there to be a spec of netflow 
for the community.  I  suggest that this spec get published promptly with a note on it:

This documents the original protocol.  The IETF IPFIX WG is developing a
new protocol meeting the same requirements, but also built with security and 
inherent congestion aware transport.

We should give clarity suggestions, but not ask the authors to make technical changes...