Domain-Based Application Service Location Using SRV RRs and the Dynamic Delegation Discovery Service (DDDS)
RFC 3958

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Comment (2004-05-27 for -)
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Possible typo in the ABNF - 

iana-registered-protocol = ALPHA *31ALPHANUM ; line 7

should this be ALPHANUMSYM like the others?

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Comment (2004-05-26)
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  This document has some very long lines.  The author should come up with a
  presentation for this information that fits the line length limits.

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Comment (2004-05-27)
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   of a named application service.  The application client MUST select
   one protocol to choose The PREF field of the NAPTR RRs may be used by
   the domain administrator to The first DNS query is for the NAPTR RRs

Missing "."?

>    identify the server as being authoritative for the original taret


> 6.5.2 Application Protocols
>    The protocol identifiers that are valid for the "app-protocol"
>    production are any standard, registered protocols [IANA registry
>    again -- is this the list of well known/registered ports?].

It would be good to be more clar about what "registered protocols"
are. Can you name the "name space" within IANA that is meant here? Oh,
I guess you mean to refer to the  IANA registry that _this_ document
creates. Right? This could be made more clear (think about how you
want this worded in the final  RFC).

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