Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption for Kerberos 5
RFC 3962

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

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Comment (2004-07-06)
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In Section 4, the draft says:

   For environments where slower hardware is the norm, implementations
   may wish to limit the number of iterations to prevent a spoofed
   response from consuming lots of client-side CPU time; 

It would be valuable to tie back into Kerberos spec here, as "spoofed response"
appears here without reference to what part of the Kerberos exchange
is at issue.

In the Security Considerations, the draft says:

    A better way to deal with the brute-force
   attack is through preauthentication mechanisms that provide better
   protection of the user's long-term key.  Use of such mechanisms is
   out of scope for this document.

   If a site does wish to use this means of protection against a brute-
   force attack, the iteration count should be chosen based on the
   facilities expected to be available to an attacker, and the amount of
   work the attacker should be required to perform to acquire the key or

Would it not need to be "chosen based on the facilities available to both attacker and
legitimate user"?  If the attackers are presumed to have much greater
facilities than the legitimate end user, relatively frequent password and salt
changes may be needed to compensate, but it is still possible to take
the legitimate user's facilities into account.

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Comment (2004-06-25)
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The "Comments should be sent to the author, or to the IETF Kerberos working group (" text at the end of the abstract should be removed.

The second-to-last paragraph in section 4 uses "NOT" in a way that makes it look like a 2119 key word.  It isn't, though, so it would be better used in lower case text.

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Comment (2004-07-08 for -)
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I see this document is blocking its ref KRYPTO in the rfc-editor queue -
hopefully the rfc-ed will resolve the ref quickly, even though the
ref has an xx in place of 06.  There's a nice dependendency that will
resolve out of this doc.

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