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Version 5.13.0, 2015-03-25
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GMPLS Signaling Procedure for Egress Control
RFC 4003

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

Summary: Needs a YES. Needs 10 more YES or NO OBJECTION positions to pass.

[Allison Mankin]

Comment (2004-09-16 for -)

With reference to the others' remarks:
to be consistent with how other specifications are treated by this esteemed
body, I hope that there will be an RFC Editor note for expanding the acronym
and information to the editor to be kinder to Readers

[Bert Wijnen]

Comment (2004-09-16 for -)

RFC2119 must be a normative reference.

References {BCP78] and [BCP79] do not have any citations in the text

[Harald Alvestrand]

Comment (2004-09-16 for -)

Reviewed by Scott Brim, Gen-ART

[Jon Peterson]

Comment (2004-09-16 for -)

Probably, the boilerplate 2119 terminology import statement belongs in its own
terminology section, not as the 2nd paragraph of section 2, "Egress Control

[Russ Housley]

Comment (2004-09-14 for -03)

  ERO and RRO should be explained before the quoted portion of
  RFC 3473.

[Steven Bellovin]

Comment (2004-09-10 for -)

ERO is never defined.