Diameter Network Access Server Application
RFC 4005

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Comment (2003-11-20 for -)
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Just a comment:  the mandatory to implement security provided by Diameter base could be more clearly stated.

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Nit: LAT is defined, and heavily referred in the definition of attributes, but has no reference in the References. Should be fixed (informative reference).
Nit: [UTF-8] is in the References, but is not referred to. UTF8String is used, however, so it's reasonable to have this as a reference. Doesn't need fixing.
Does not show much thought about working in a multilingual environment, but this seems to be attempting to fit within existing practice rather than starting from scratch, so this is probably reasonable to let pass.

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Nit: [UTF-8] reference needs to be updated to refer to STD 63, RFC 3629

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In section 7:

by a encapsulation method to a gateway---> by an encapsulation method

 In section 7.5

The Tunnel-Server-Endpoint AVP (AVP Code 67) is of UTF8String--> of type UTF8String

In 9.1

 If the RADIUS User-Password attribute is present, the password
        must be unencrypted using the link's RADIUS shared secret. And
        forwarded using Diameter security.

This could be read either as (unencrypt and forward encrypted password)
or (unencrypt, then forward unencrypted password).  I'd suggest rephrasing
it so the second sentence reads:  The unencrypted password should then
be forwarded using Diameter security.

IANA Considerations:

This document defines values in the namespaces that have created and
--->have been created and

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