IPv6 Scoped Address Architecture
RFC 4007

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Comment (2004-07-06)
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The discussion of convex routing in Section 5 should probably note that tunneled links are excluded from the prohibition.

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Comment (2004-07-08 for -)
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In Section 6:

      A tunnel interface (e.g., the abstract endpoint of an
      IPv6-over-IPv6 tunnel [8], presumably established over either the
      Ethernet or the point-to-point link.)

COMMENT:  In general, this is a very helpful example.  I would
suggest, though, that defining the tunnel interface as established
over the Ethernet might help illustrate the point that it gets
its own link-local zone, where two interfaces to the same Ethernet
link do not.  Not strictly necessary, but it would be a good opportunity
to make the point.

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Comment (2004-07-01 for -)
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A table of contents would be helpful.  The I-D checklist says one is required for documents longer than 15 pages.

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Comment (2004-07-08 for -)
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This formulation (towards bottom of page 6) sounds/feels a bit strange:
   dedicated purpose.  An entry of a Management Information Base (MIB)
   will be an example of the dedicated purpose.  The actual
Not sure what "An entry of a .. (MIB)" is.
Maybe a better sentence might be

   Usage of the index to identify an entry in the Management Information
   Base (MIB) is an example of the dedicated purpose.

(Alex Zinin) No Objection