Encapsulating MPLS in IP or Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)
RFC 4023

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 08 and is now closed.

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Reviewed by Brian Carpenter, Gen-ART

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I share Thomas' concerns, but did not choose to enter a separate discuss.

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Copyright section has (date) rather than actual date

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I gave my assent to the author on wording to clear my Discuss on this 6 weeks
ago.  It would have been helpful to be given back my email when asked to
re-check the i-d, rather than having me find it.

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Comments from Bert:

- I do not understand why RFC791 is normative while RFC2460 is

Comments/Nits from OPS directorate (by Pekka).

We know that some are REAL NITs. just to record them in case
a new rev is done anyway.

Network Working Group                                        Tom Worster
Internet Draft
Expiration Date: March 2004
                                                           Yakov Rekhter
                                                  Juniper Networks, Inc.
                                                   Eric C. Rosen, editor
                                                     Cisco Systems, Inc.

==> s/Tom/T./, s/Yakov/Y./, s/Eric C./E./

7. IANA Considerations
   The MPLS-in-IP encapsulation requires that IANA allocate two IP
   Protocol Numbers, as described in section 3.  No future IANA actions
   will be required.  The MPLS-in-GRE encapsulation does not require any
   IANA action.

==> the last sentence should be removed, as it conflicts with the 
rest of the section.

   [RFC2460]"Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification," S.
==> s/]"/] "/

9. Intellectual Property Notice
10. Copyright Notice

==> I'd recommend moving these after Authors Information section (14.)

14. Author Information
==> s/Author Information/Authors' Addresses/

(Ted Hardie) Abstain

Comment (2003-12-16 for -)
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As a general comment, I agree with all of Thomas's operational concerns, and I think there are probably more waiting in the weeds.  This seems to create a very generalized pair of mechanisms
that can probably actually only be used successfully in very tightly pre-configured situations.  

Melinda Shore has several times raised a flag that we're turning our end-to-end network into an all
tunnel network.  When we start tunnelling tunnelling protocols and protecting their security with tunnels, we're in trouble.