Domain Name System Media Types
RFC 4027

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Comment (2004-10-14)
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Reviewed by Mary Barnes, Gen-ART

Her review:

Draft is ready to publish as Informational with the
correction of the following editorial nits.

- Needs updating to new template reflecting RFC 3668/3667.

- Abstract: 1st sentence: "This document register..." should read
  "This document registers..."

- Introduction: Last paragraph, same comment as abstract.

- Section 2, security considerations: "This media type identify..."
  should read "This media type identifies..."

- Section 2, security considerations, second sentence: "This data may
  be security relevant according to..." should likely read something
  like "This data may be secured according to ...."

- Section 3, Encoding considerations: "Binary transports is..."
  should read "Binary transport is..."

- Section 3, Security considerations: Same 2 comments as for Section 2

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Comment (2004-10-13)
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Comments from the OPS directorate by Rob Austein:

summary: seems harmless

relies on (and makes normative reference to) experimental rfc 2540,
which specifies two date formats and manages to hnork both of them in
trivial ways.  the binary date format skips lightly over clock wrap,
which, admittedly, won't happen until 2106, but rfc 2540 claims to be
about archival formats.  the text date format is obviously intended to
interpreted in utc, that's never quite stated except via a cross
reference to the binary format, which, strictly speaking, does not
nail down whether the text format is utc or not.  none of this is
simon's fault, just a weakness of the rfc to which he's referring.

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Comment (2004-10-14)
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>    This document register the media types application/dns and text/dns,


>    Applications which use this media type: DNS related software,
>    including software storing and using certificates stored in DNS.

Not sure this is right. The certificate using software is presumably
using DNS protocols, not extracting data out of  zone file formats.

>    transfered in a line oriented mode. Text literals may contain CRLF

s/line oriented/line-oriented/

>    within the text. Binary transports is possible between systems that


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