Desirability of a Network 1108 Service
RFC 403

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Network Working Group
Request for Comments: 403                                       G. Hicks
NIC: 11925                                                          Utah
                                                        January 10, 1973

                 Desirability of a Network 1108 Service

   We have, at the University of Utah, a Univac 1108 that supports the
   Univac EXEC 8 system.  At the recent ICCC conference in Washington,
   there was some interest expressed in making this computer available
   to the ARPANET.  At present it is not so available.  Since there is
   communication currently between the 1108 and the Utah PDP-10, it
   would require minimal programming effort to make the 1109 available
   for network use.

   We would appreciate your comments if you think this service would be
   desirable.  Please direct your comments to:

      Gregory Hicks
      Computer Science Department
      Merrill Engineering Building 3160
      University of Utah
      Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

   or to:

      Ed Sharp
      Director, Computer Center
      Merrill Engineering Building 3116
      University of Utah
      Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

   Enclosed please find:

      (1) a brief description of the services available.
      (2) pricing schedule.
      (3) time schedule when the EXEC 8 system is available for use.

   Facilities at the University of Utah

   The university of Utah owns a large Univac 1108 computer system with
   six tape drives, seven high speed drums, 262 megabytes of on line
   storage, as well as communication equipment for low speed (teletype)
   timesharing and high speed (Remote Job Entry or RJE) batch terminals.
   The Computer Center also has available a large (48" x 60") high
   precision flatbed Plotter, an Optical Scanner and Digitizer.  Current
   (December 72) remote terminals include RJE devices in Logan, Provo,

Hicks                                                           [Page 1]
RFC 403          Desirability of a Network 1108 Service     January 1973

   and Salt Lake City (four terminals): Montrose, Durango, Boise and
   Boulder City, as well as timesharing devices in several of the
   western states.  RJE terminals will shortly be ordered for Denver,
   Amarillo, Billings and Sacramento.  Additional ports have been
   ordered to allow for further timesharing use of the 1108.

   The Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Computing
   rates are considerably lower than commercial rates and jobs generally
   cost less to process at the University than at other state

   Available software include languages such as FORTAN, COBAL, SNOBOL,
   APL, BASIC, MAD, ALGOL, LISP, a Text Editor and an Assembler.  A wide
   variety of scientific and statistical routines are available,
   including the two best known statistical systems and an excellent set
   of mathematical subprograms.  Several simulation packages, as well as
   an LP program, are available for use.

Hicks                                                           [Page 2]
RFC 403          Desirability of a Network 1108 Service     January 1973


                                 RATE IN               RATE IN
                       PRIORITY  CENTS/SEC.  PRIORITY  CENTS/SEC.
   EXEC 8 RESERVED       A-F                     O        13
   Highest user option    G         45           P        12
                          H         30           Q        11
                          I         21           R        10
                          J         19           S         9
                          K         17           T         8
                          L         16           U         7
                          M         15           V         6
                          N         14          W-Z        5

   These priorities apply to batch and remote batch jobs.  Teletype or
   interactive service is assigned a priority/rate equal to 6 cents
   above the lowest priority being accepted at the time of use.  Please
   see below for the time schedule of priorities.

                        TIME SCHEDULE OF PRIORITIES

        HOLIDAYS   MON.   TUES.    WED.  THURS.    FRI.     SAT.
       |        |       |       |       |       |        |       |
       |        |       |   Z   |       |       |        |       |
       |        |   Z   |       |   Z   |   Z   |        |       |
   0400|   Z    |       +-------+       +-------+   Z    |   Z   |
       |        |       |       |       |       |        |       |
   0600|        +-------+       +-------+       +--------+       |
   0700|        |   R   |   *   |   R   |   *   |   R    +-------+
   0800+--------+-------+-------+-------+-------+--------+  R    |
       |        |       |       |       |       |        |       |
   1000|        |       |       |       |       |        +-------+
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