Experimental Message, Extensions, and Error Codes for Mobile IPv4
RFC 4064

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 02 and is now closed.

(Thomas Narten) Yes

(Harald Alvestrand) No Objection

Comment (2004-10-28)
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Reviewed by Lucy Lynch, Gen-ART

Her review:

This draft is ready for publication - (tiny nits)
rev 02 includes an extended IANA section.

idnits 1.34 (28 Jul 2004)


  Checking conformance with RFC 3667/3668 boilerplate...
  There are 11 instances of too long lines in the document,
  -- the longest one being 2 characters in excess of 72.

    There are 2 instances of lines with hyphenated line breaks in the

    Line 58 has weird spacing: '...t Draft   Expe...'
    Line 115 has weird spacing: '...t Draft   Expe...'
    Line 172 has weird spacing: '...t Draft   Expe...'
    Line 195 has weird spacing: '...on Port   Set ...'
    Line 230 has weird spacing: '...t Draft   Expe...'

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