Digital Private Network Signaling System (DPNSS)/Digital Access Signaling System 2 (DASS 2) Extensions to the IUA Protocol
RFC 4129

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 08 and is now closed.

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Comment (2004-01-18 for -)
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Nits: No copyright or IPR boilerplate

IANA considerations section contains material that isn't something IANA
can be expected to act on. Should this be moved to a different section?

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Comment (2004-01-21 for -)
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A comment, since Russ is holding a discuss on this.  But this is
an issue that really needs to be fixed before it goes out:

Could be fixed in RFC ed note.  Currently the document has:

   However, the IUA SCTP Payload Protocol ID MAY be used, for instance,
   if one wanted to backhaul ISDN and DPNSS over the same SCTP association.  

   The SCTP Payload Protocol Identifier is included in each SCTP Data
   chunk, to indicate which protocol the SCTP is carrying.  This Payload
   Protocol Identifier is not directly used by SCTP but MAY be used by
   certain network entities to identify the type of information being
   carried in a Data chunk.

   The User Adaptation peer MAY use the Payload Protocol Identifier as
   a way of determining whether the message is for IUA or DUA.

In the IANA considerations section.  That doesn't really seem like the
right place for these.  The MAY for using the IUA, in particular seems
like it belongs someplace in the body.

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Comment (2004-01-20 for -)
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Ref 5 has the editor's name spelled Loughnet instead of Loughney.

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Comment (2004-01-21 for -)
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- I agree with Ned's and Russ'es comments/discuss

- It seems weird that they have a normative reference to both
  RFC 3057 and to the rfc3057bis draft. I would expect that they
  would choose the latter (assuming it will be finished soon)

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