Simple New Mail Notification
RFC 4146

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- 'Simple New Mail Notification '
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Technical Summary
This memo documents a long-standing technique, supported by a large
number of mail servers, which allows users to be notified of new
mail.  In addition to server support, there are a number of clients
which support this, ranging from full email clients to specialized
clients whose only purpose is to receive new mail notifications and
alert a mail client.  In brief, the technique is for the server to
send the string "nm_notifyuser" to the finger port on the IP address
(either configured or last used) for the user who has received new

Working Group Summary
An individual submitter requested that this document be published
as an Informational RFC.  There has been no formal working group
review of the document, but an IETF-wide last call was completed
with no comment received from the community.
Protocol Quality
Scott Hollenbeck has reviewed this specification for the IESG.