RObust Header Compression (ROHC): ROHC over Channels That Can Reorder Packets
RFC 4224

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Comment (2005-06-22)
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Comments from Michael Patton:

In Section 4.1, both examples you cite for single-hop reordering are
wireless.  This might lead some to think that only wireless L2
technologies would do this.  It would help if you could mention some
other L2 technologies that do this.  FR and MPLS are probably good


Section "that a least one" => "that at least one"

Section the parenthesis is not closed.

Section "to be cause of" => "to be the cause of"

Section "one of the decompression attempt is"
              => "one of the decompression attempts is"

Section "which of a value p=7" => "which a value of p=7"

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