Pre-Shared Key Ciphersuites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)
RFC 4279

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Comment (2005-05-26 for -)
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Glad to see this, it has been needed.  It might be useful to state that examples of identities form
a very partial list and that URIs and user@... (anything that can be expressed as a UTF-8 string),
can be an identity.  The requirements for inputting the identity allow many applications to use
this.  An RFC Editor note could easily add this, if you feel the clarification would help.

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Comment (2005-06-03 for -)
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The document says:

   IANA does not currently have a registry for TLS-related numbers, so
   there are no IANA actions associated with this document.

Note that IANA does have a TLS-related compression registry:

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sect 5.1 has as first bullet:

   o  IPv4 addresses are sent as dotted-decimal strings (e.g.,
      ""), not as 32-bit integers in network byte order.

Probably better to adhere to RFC3330 and use or some
other address in the range.

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