Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Options for Broadcast and Multicast Control Servers
RFC 4280

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Comment (2005-07-07)
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I received the folloing comments from the Ops directorate by Pekka Savola:

   BCMCS Control Server Domain Name List: Identical content as in
   Section 4.1

... while 4.1 had:

   The general format of the BCMCS Controller Domain list option for
   DHCPv4 is as follows:

           Code  Len  FQDN(s) of BCMCS Controller
         | TBD1|  n  |  s1 |  s2 |  s3 |  s4 | s5  |  ...

==> it seems obvious but I guess one could take the "Identical
content" statement literally and include also the Code and Len bytes
to the domain name list part?  Shouldn't be an issue for those with
brains turned on. Not sure if this could use a wording tweak or not.

     |                                                               |
     |    BCMCS Control server-1 address (IPv6 address)          |

==> the right spacing before '|' should be fixed

   An attacker may change information of the BCMCS Controller in packets
   that are in-tranist from DHCP server to the MN, if integrity

==> s/tranist/transit/

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Comment (2005-07-06 for -)
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Needs a normative reference and a citation (in sect 3) to RFC2119

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