Multicast Router Discovery
RFC 4286

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>    1.  For IPv4 it is the 16-bit one's complement of the one's
>        complement sum of the IGMP message, starting with the Type field.
>        For computing the checksum, the checksum field is set to 0.

Checksum does not include any IPv4 header fields. This seems like a
bad design choice. Note that in the IPv6 case, the checksum does
include a pseudo-header. Why not be consistent?

>    1.  The expiration of the periodic advertisement interval timer.
>        Note that it this timer is not strictly periodic since it is a
>        random number between MaxAdvertisementInterval and
>        MinAdvertisementInterval.

this doesn't seem good. The spread between these values can be pretty
wide, I think. What you want is an average value with some randomness
to prevent syncrhonization. You don't want the value to be completely
random between (say) 3 and 180 seconds.

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Reviewed by Mary Barnes, Gen-ART
Her review:
Draft is ready for publication as Proposed Standard.

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!! Missing citation for Informative reference:
  P016 L030:    [14]  Bradner, S., "Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology",

!! Missing citation for Informative reference:
  P016 L034:    [15]  Daigle, L. and Internet Architecture Board, "IETF ISOC Board of

QUestion: is there a MIB doc (in development) for the management variables
          listed in the subsections of sect 3?

Section "9 Authors" may be a bit confusing with the other heading "Authors' Addresses" further down


Comment from OPSDIR (Pekka) review:

    Although MRD messages could be sent as ICMP messages, the group
    management protocols were chosen since this functionality is
    multicast specific.

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