IP Forwarding Table MIB
RFC 4292

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

(Thomas Narten) Yes

(Bert Wijnen) (was No Objection, Discuss) Yes

(Harald Alvestrand) No Objection

(Steven Bellovin) No Objection

Comment (2003-12-03 for -)
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Network map data is useful for far more than denial of service.  I'd just delete that phrase.

(Ned Freed) No Objection

Comment (2003-11-25 for -)
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   No IPR boilerplate

Idle musing:

   This document, like so many other MIB documents, has a largely useless table
   of contents: There's a few entries for pages 1-7 and 30-33 but nothing for
   the majority of the specification, which of course is the MIB itself.

   I wonder... Wouldn't it be useful to have a way of adding TOC entries for the
   various sections within the MIB itself? Would it be worth a note to see if
   XML2RFC could be extended this way?

   Mind you, I only find TOCs useful when looking at printed versions of the
   document, and the intersection of MIBs and scanning printed specifications
   might be so small as not to be worth it.


(Ted Hardie) No Objection

Comment (2003-12-02 for -)
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I think the Editor's contact info in  ipForward MODULE-IDENTITY and the Author's
addresses section are out of date (right, Margaret?)

(Russ Housley) No Objection

(Allison Mankin) No Objection

(Jon Peterson) No Objection

(Alex Zinin) (was Discuss) No Objection

(Margaret Cullen) Recuse

(Bill Fenner) Recuse