IP Authentication Header
RFC 4302

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 11 and is now closed.

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Discuss (2003-10-02 for -)
Section 6 can't be evaluated until 2401bis shows up.

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Comment (2005-01-06 for -)
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Reviewed by Elwyn Davies, Gen-ART

Review in document comments; they seem as if they would have made the document better if addressed, but this has already been around the bush once. Not worth holding it for these.

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Comment (2003-10-02 for -)
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There is a normative reference to the IPv6 specification (presumably
because this document references the IPv6 header fields), but there
is no normative reference to IPv4.  I think that there should be.

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The security considerations section is weak.  Ideally it would be
better.  However I cannot think of things that need to be added that
would affect what people do in practice.

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Comment (2003-10-02)
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If mandatory-to-implement algorithms have been moved out of 2402bis into a
separate RFC (per Section 7 and the 2nd paragraph of Section 5), it might be
nice to have a normative reference to that separate RFC in 2402bis.

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