Definitions of Managed Objects for Bridges with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
RFC 4318

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Comment (2005-08-15 for -)
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Long Gen-ART comment from Harald, preceded by response from author. Non blocking but probably needs revision.



The references issue went through a long discussion in the Bridge WG,
with input from members of the IEEE 802.1 WG. The document represents
WG consensus for how to handle a difficult situation.

I agree the documentation can be confusing and am willing to modify it
for clarity.
I suggest that the document be changed by moving the 802.1D-2004
reference into "Informative References", and modifying the sentence
"Following are the references for the above objects in 802.1D-2004
Suggested text:
"Following are the references for the above objects in 802.1D-2004
[802.1D-2004]. The 802.1t and 802.1w references are normative; the
802.1D-2004 references are only informative."

Would that be satisfactory?

David Harrington

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>> From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand [] 
>> Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 7:07 AM
>> To:;; 
>>; Dan Romascanu; David Harrington
>> Cc: Wijnen, Bert (Bert)
>> Subject: Gen-ART review of draft-ietf-bridge-rstpmib-08 (Last 
>> Call review)
>> Background for those who may be unaware of GenART:
>> GenART is the Area Review Team for the General Area of the IETF.
>> We advise the General Area Director (i.e. the IETF/IESG chair) by
>> providing more in depth reviews than he could do himself of


>> that come up for final decision in IESG telechat.  I was selected
>> as the GenART member to review this document.  Below is my review,
>> which was written specifically with an eye to the GenART process,


>> since I believe that it will be useful to have these comments more
>> widely distributed, others outside the GenART group are included.
>> This review was done as part of IETF Last Call.
>> Review criteria for WG submissions: "Is this document a reasonable
>> contribution to the area of Internet engineering which it covers? If
>> not, what changes would make it so?"
>> Summary: This document seems ready to go technically, but has 
>> nits that 
>> should be fixed before publication - in particular, it may need 
>> clarification of its references to other documents.
>> Details:
>> This is a relatively small MIB, and it focuses on management, not 
>> monitoring; it is basically a set of "switches" to flip the value of

>> various per-port parameters that are used in RSTP and "lamps" 
>> that allow 
>> you to monitor these parameters' states.
>> Where I get confused is in the technology it builds on.
>> It claims to refer to IEEE 802.1D-1998 as amended by P802.1t 
>> and P802.1w, 
>> adopted in 2001 according to the reference list, but also 
>> claims to refer 
>> to IEEE 802.1D-2004. It extends the RFC 1493 MIB, but also 
>> refers to the 
>> 1493bis MIB, which is in the RFC Editor's queue.
>> All of these documents (2 standards, 2 amendments, 1 RFC and 
>> 1 draft) are 
>> in the "normative references" section.
>> It's possible that IEEE 802.1D-2004 failed to incorporate the 
>> amendments, 
>> but this seems unlikely, since section 3 gives mapppings of 
>> the variables 
>> to 802.1D-2004 section numbers; it's also possible that 
>> people are so used 
>> to referring to P802.1t and P802.1w that those references are 
>> valuable and 
>> should be retained. But it's confusing to me, and may be to others.
>> Suggested fix:
>> Move IEEE 802.1D-1998, P802.1t, P802.1w and RFC 1493 to the 
>> "Informative 
>> references" section.
>> Change section 3 to read:
>>    This document defines managed object for the Rapid Spanning Tree
>>    Protocol defined by the IEEE 802.1D-2004 standard.
>>    Following are the references for the above objects in 802.1D-2004
>>    [802.1D-2004].
>>    RSTP-MIB Name                       IEEE 802.1D-2004 Reference
>>    dot1dStp
>>      dot1dStpVersion                   17.13.4  ForceVersion
>>      dot1dStpTxHoldCount               17.13.12 TxHoldCount
>>      dot1dStpExtPortTable
>>        dot1dStpPortProtocolMigration   17.19.13 mcheck
>>        dot1dStpPortAdminEdgePort       17.13.1  adminEdgePort
>>        dot1dStpPortOperEdgePort        17.19.17 operEdgePort
>>        dot1dStpPortAdminPointToPoint   6.4.3    adminPointToPointMAC
>>        dot1dStpPortOperPointToPoint    6.4.3    operPointToPointMAC
>>        dot1dStpPortAdminPathCost       17.13.11 Path Cost
>>    This extension was initially defined in P802.1t[] and P802.1w[].
>>    For reference, here are the section numbers in those documents:
>>    RSTP-MIB Name                       IEEE 802.1 Reference
>>    dot1dStp
>>      dot1dStpVersion                   (w) 17.16.1  ForceVersion
>>      dot1dStpTxHoldCount               (w) 17.16.6  TxHoldCount
>>      dot1dStpExtPortTable
>>        dot1dStpPortProtocolMigration   (w) 17.18.10 mcheck
>>        dot1dStpPortAdminEdgePort       (t) 18.3.3   adminEdgePort
>>        dot1dStpPortOperEdgePort        (t) 18.3.4   operEdgePort
>>        dot1dStpPortAdminPointToPoint   (w) 6.4.3    
>> adminPointToPointMAC
>>        dot1dStpPortOperPointToPoint    (w) 6.4.3    
>> operPointToPointMAC
>>        dot1dStpPortAdminPathCost       (D)  Path Cost
>> Modify the document to consistently refer to IEEE 802.1D-2004 
>> and 1493bis 
>> as the documents it builds on. RFC 1493 and the older 802.1D 
>> version may 
>> need to be mentioned as background material.
>> I think section 4 would be clearer if the sentence
>>    The objects in the RSTP-MIB supplement those defined in the


>>    MIB [RFC1493bis].
>> started the section, rather than following the description of the 
>> relationship between 1493 and 1493bis.
>> Apart from this, I see no issues.
>> No nits found!

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My earlier comment was based on misreading the RFC Editor Queue - the bis
Bridge MIB will not block this MIB.

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