The IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) Member Selection Guidelines and Process
RFC 4333

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

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Edits suggested by Leslie Daigle:

Change title to:
  IAOC member selection guidelines and process 

Change 4th paragraph of section 2 to:

   The candidates will also be expected to exercise all the duties of an
   IAOC member, including being prepared to undertake any associated
   responsibilities.  These include, but are not limited to,  the
   setting of administrative support policies, oversight of the
   administrative operations of the IETF, and representing the interests
   of the IETF to the IAOC.  The candidates must be able to undertake
   full participation in all Committee meetings and Committee

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I've never understood why this is a BCP.  Why do we believe we want to
require community consensus to change our selection process?  I don't
actually have a problem doing so, I'm just confused.

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