Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label-Controlled Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame-Relay Management Interface Definition
RFC 4368

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Comment (2005-09-12 for -)
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From Bert Wijnen:

When I se this entry in a Table:
  MplsLcAtmStdInterfaceConfEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
   mplsLcAtmStdCtrlVpi                 AtmVpIdentifier,
   mplsLcAtmStdCtrlVci                 MplsAtmVcIdentifier,
   mplsLcAtmStdUnlabTrafVpi            AtmVpIdentifier,
   mplsLcAtmStdUnlabTrafVci            MplsAtmVcIdentifier,
   mplsLcAtmStdVcMerge                 TruthValue,
   mplsLcAtmVcDirectlyConnected        TruthValue,
   mplsLcAtmLcAtmVPI                   AtmVpIdentifier,
   mplsLcAtmStdIfConfRowStatus         RowStatus,
   mplsLcAtmStdIfConfStorageType       StorageType

Then I recommend (for naming consistency) to rename
   mplsLcAtmVcDirectlyConnected        TruthValue,
   mplsLcAtmLcAtmVPI                   AtmVpIdentifier,
   mplsLcAtmStdVcDirectlyConnected     TruthValue,
   mplsLcAtmStdLcAtmVPI                AtmVpIdentifier,

In the security considerations, you write:
    o    the MplsLcAtmStdInterfaceConfTable and
         mplsLcFrStdInterfaceConfTable collectively
but the actual tables in the MIB module are named:
So the first table name is incorrect (capital M which should
be lowercase). It occurs again later in the section
I know... this is REALLY a NIT, but once the doc has become an
RFC, you cannot fix it anymore.


From AAA_doctor Jari:
I reviewed this draft. It looks OK, but I'll admit that I know
very little about MPLS. Some nits were found, however:

>         is capabile of ATM VC merge, otherwise it MUST


>         MPLS-related configuration and/or performanc statistics. 


>         LSR is willing to accept unlabled traffic


>         where possible.  Specifically,SNMPv3 VACM and USM MUST be 

s/,/, /