BGP Communities for Data Collection
RFC 4384

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Comment (2004-09-15 for -)
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Comment from Pekka Savola from the ops directorate:

However, what this document implicitly aims to do (whether knowingly
or not) is describe a BCP for *internal* communities, not just for
exporting to data collectors.  Who would bother to just munge their
communities to exactly these values just for data collection?

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Comment (2004-10-21)
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Reviewed by Michael Patton, Gen-ART

Still one spelling mistake (refered rather than referred), but -06 is good to go.

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Comment (2004-09-14 for -)
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In Definitions, "referred to coloring"--> "referred to as coloring"

In 2.1.

   A and B are defined to be peers when (i). A and B exchange routes via
   BGP, and (ii). traffic exchange between A and B is settlement-free.

I found it odd that this section did not define the term "transit".  It is 
mentioned in the introduction and touched on 2.9.  As a term of art,
it is hard to discuss "peering" without discussing "transit", since so
many of the operational discussions revolve around when one is used 
versus the other.  

I am not suggesting that "transit" should be its own category (the more specific 
categories given look fine), but it does seem like it would be useful to
include a definition and possibly indicate which categories fall under that grouping.  

As a purely individual preference, I think it would be interesting to pull anycast
routes out of the other special purpose routes, because I suspect the growth
in that particular special purpose.  But this reflects my own research interest,
and possibly not the best design.

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Comment (2004-09-14 for -)
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  After the table in section 3.1, the legend includes:
  : <R>  is the 5-bit Region
  However, <R> is not used in the table.  Rather, the possible values of
  <R> are enumerated.  The legend entry should be replaced with an

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Comment (2004-09-16 for -)
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>    BGP, and (ii). traffic exchange between A and B is settlement-free.

Defn. of settlement-free?

>    Internal more specific routes are those routes which are frequently

s/more specific/more-specific/

section 2.5. which vs. that

>    Service providers often have settlement free interconnections with an

s/settlement free/settlement-free/

>    this community as 10876:4338 (0x1F2 == 4338 decimal).


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