Definitions of Managed Objects for Fibre Channel Over TCP/IP (FCIP)
RFC 4404

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Comment (2005-11-29)
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!! Missing Reference for citation: [RFC4001]
  P007 L008: -- [RFC4001], [RFC4044], [RFC2863], [RFC2580], and [RFC3411].

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Comment (2005-11-28)
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Nits from Gen-ART review by John Loughney:

1) Please expand FCIP (and FC) in the title & abstract. Its hard to keep
track of all of the acronyms in the IETF.
2) Subsections in Section 2 need a blank line between the subsection
title & the text.

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Comment (2005-11-28)
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  It would be very useful if the Title, Abstract, and Overview spelled
  out Fibre Channel.

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