Management Information Base for Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS)
RFC 4444

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Comment (2005-12-01 for -)
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W.r.t. the Security Considerations Section.
After we saw the comment from the GEN-ART review, there was
continued discussion between the MIB doctors if that section
needed to elaborate and list the speicific objects with their
specific vulnerabilities. In total there are some 64 writable
objects that may need discussion (either separate or in chuncks).

Russ has taken a DISCUSS on that and I think that the MIB doctors
have rough consensus that it would be BETTER if indeed some more
detail was given. Even if all 64 objects have the same sensitivity,
even then it would be good to make such an explicit statement. But
it is not clear that they indeed all have the same sensistivity and
would all cause the same type of harm if changed in an unauthorized

(Alex Zinin) Yes

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Comment (2005-11-22 for -)
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(From Gen-ART review by David Black)

- Section 2, Overview:

   This document is provided to the IETF working group on IS-IS.  It
   describes a management information base for the IS-IS Routing
   protocol as described in ISO 10589 [ISO10589], when it is used to
   construct routing tables for IP networks, as described in RFC 1195

Remove first sentence (will no longer be appropriate when this is
published as an RFC0, and rephrase second to "This document describes ...".

- Section 6, Acknowledgements:

Was an extra "r" added to Chris Gunner's name?

- Section 7, Security Considerations

This is ok in its current form, although it would be improved with
references to specific MIB tables/objects, even as examples of how
uncontrolled write access could cause problems.  The references are
not essential, as the threat of uncontrolled write access is both
obvious and compelling as described.

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