Pseudowire Setup and Maintenance Using the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
RFC 4447

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Comment (2005-07-19)
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Quite a few typos, e.g.

   Time Dividion Multiplexed 

and two errors in the first line quoted below.

(From review by Spencer Dawkins)

One question on page 22 - in this sentence,

  As mentioned above, as MPLS enabled network, should not accept MPLS
  packets from its external interfaces (i.e. interfaces to CE devices
  or to other providers' networks) unless the top label of the packet
  was legitimately distributed to the system from which the packet is
  being received.

Should "should not" be SHOULD NOT? (and is there ever a reasonable justification for accepting them)?

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Comment (2005-07-21)
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The doc has been reviewed in the MPLS WG and folks are happy with answers.