A Method for Generating Link-Scoped IPv6 Multicast Addresses
RFC 4489

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does IID have to be an IEEE EUI-64  identifier? The document
is unclear. I assume it does not need to be, but it says:

>      The IID field (replacing the 64-bit prefix field from [RFC 3306])
>      is used to distinguish each node from others.  This value is
>      obtained from the IEEE EUI-64 based interface identifier of the
>      link-local unicast IPv6 address.  Given the use of this method for

IEEE EUI-64 is a very specific thing and is not an IID.
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>      Basically, it is preferred to use this method for the link-local
>      scope rather than unicast-prefix-based IPv6 multicast addresses
>      [RFC 3306].  This document restricts the usage of defined fields
>      such as scop, plen and network prefix fields of [RFC 3306].
>      Therefore, this document specifies encoded information for link-
>      local scope in multicast addresses.

It would be good to add  a sentence explaing _why_ this mechanism is
preferred over the one in 3306.

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Reviewed by Mark Allman, Gen-ART
His review:
This one is ready to go.  No issues.

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  The header needs to indicate that this document updates RFC 3306.

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