SIP Telephony Device Requirements and Configuration
RFC 4504

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Boilerplate shows that the author has scanned, but not parsed, the RFC 3667 requirements on limited rights. We cannot publish this, nor can we derive works from it. I suggest the document be held until we get a normal, unrestricted boilerplate - if the document has value, we'll certainly want to derive work from it.

The points in Mary Barnes' review are pretty significant too, and should be addressed.
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Reviewed by Mary Barnes, Gen-ART

Complete review in document comment log.

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I've dropped Harald's DISCUSS as the boilerplate is OK, but it would be good to check that Mary Barnes' comments have been handled:

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  In section 3.26, please reword to avoid "... RECOMMENDED not ..."
  I think a RF 2119 phrase like "SHOULD NOT" is appropriate.

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