Synchronization Operations for Disconnected IMAP4 Clients
RFC 4549

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- 'Synchronization operations for disconnected IMAP4 clients '
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Technical Summary
This document describes different strategies which might
be used by a disconnected IMAP client in order to 
minimize the time of synchronization process.
Working Group Summary
This is not the product of a working group, but some discussion
of it was held on the IMAPEXT and LEMONADE working group
mailing lists.  No objections to it being published as an
informational document have been received.

RFC Editor Note: 
In Section 3: 
OLD:   The special mailbox "INBOX" SHOULD always be considered "interesting". 

NEW: The special mailbox "INBOX" SHOULD be in the default set of mailboxes that
the client considers interesting.  However providing the ability to ignore
INBOX for a particular session or client may be valuable for some mail filtering
strategies. In Section 1.1 OLD:   Editorial comments/questions or missing
paragraphs are marked in the text with << and >>. 

NEW: In Section 5: 

OLD: <<Is the example below is generic enough to be moved elsewhere?>> NEW