The Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)
RFC 4582

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

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Comment (2005-09-01 for -)
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Comment from John Loughney

Intro says:

   The Requirements for Floor Control Protocol [10] list a set of
   requirements that need to be met by floor control protocols.  The
   Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP), which is specified in this
   document, meets these requirements.

-> "Requirements for Floor Control Protocol" seems to have expired.
   Awfully hard to know if the requirements have been met by this
   protocol, if they've expired ...

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Comment (2005-08-29 for -)
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The document uses the word "byte" in many places to describe things like pad values.  While I'll agree that a byte contains 8 bits on most modern computers, it's generally better to use "octet" if 8-bit values are being described.

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Comment (2005-08-31 for -)
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  Sam Hartman and I had a long discussion about this document, and
  we decided that it would be best if only one DISCUSS ballot position
  is posted by a Security Area Director.  As a result, Sam is posting
  a DISCUSS position, and I am posting a NO-OBJECTION position.  The
  position posted by Sam is a union of our concerns, and the authors
  only need to work with one Security Area Director to resolve the
  concerns that are being raised.

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Comment (2005-09-01 for -)
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I think that this informative reference:
   [13]  Camarillo, G., "Session Description Protocol (SDP) Format for
         Binary Floor Control Protocol  (BFCP) Streams",
         draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-bfcp-01 (work in progress), May 2005.

Should really be a normative reference. As far as I can tell, you better
understand the content of that mmusic-sdb-bfcp if you want to implement
this xcon-bfcp specification.

(Alex Zinin) No Objection