Session Description Protocol (SDP) Format for Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP) Streams
RFC 4583

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Comment (2005-08-31)
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I'm not sure I see a way that a server can offer both a TLS and
non-TLS stream using this media type.  If clients end up being
required to support TLS tihs probably doesn't matter.  However it may
be an issue if clients are not required to support TLS.  Perhaps I'm
missing some information about how offer/answer works.  It definitely
seems that two m lines would be wrong because then a client could
accept both of them.

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Comment (2005-09-01 for -)
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This document has a normative reference:
   [9]   Levin, O. and G. Camarillo, "The SDP (Session Description
         Protocol) Label Attribute",
         draft-levin-mmmusic-sdp-media-label-00 (work in progress),
         July 2004.

and that document is an individual Internet-Draft, that also has expired.
So what impact does this have?

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