Extended RTP Profile for Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback (RTP/AVPF)
RFC 4585

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 11 and is now closed.

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I'll let Russ hold the token for the lack of security considerations in

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Section 6.4 of draft-ietf-avt-rtcp-feedback-08.txt has 
references to ITU-T and ISO standards for examples of where
application layer feedback messages can be drawn.  Are
there any IETF examples which can be given?  Both of the others require
a subscription or payment for the standard (though the
ITU allows a small number free, it is still essentially a paid
service).  If not, no big deal, but if there is one of our own standards
which can be cited in addition, it seems like a good idea.

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Comment (2004-02-19 for -)
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in draft-ietf-avt-rtcp-feedback-08.txt on page 42, I see:
  Payload Type: 8 bits
       Indicates the RTP payload type in the context of which the
       native RPSI bit string MUST be interpreted.
The diagram shows that it is a 7-bit field though!

$ /bin/checkpage.awk <drafts/draft-burmeister-avt-rtcp-feedback-sim-05.txt
Bad chars at 58
Bad chars at 114
Bad chars at 172
Bad chars at 230
Bad chars at 288
Bad chars at 346
Bad chars at 404
Bad chars at 462
Bad chars at 520
Bad chars at 578
Long line at 586 with 73 chars, only spaces extra
Bad chars at 636
Bad chars at 694
Bad chars at 752
Bad chars at 810
Bad chars at 868
Bad chars at 926
Bad chars at 984
Bad chars at 1042
Long line at 1080 with 76 chars, only spaces extra
Bad chars at 1100
Bad chars at 1158
Bad chars at 1216
Long line at 1250 with 73 chars, only spaces extra
Bad chars at 1274
Bad chars at 1332
Bad chars at 1390
Bad chars at 1448
-: 25 lines containing non-US-ASCII characters
-: 3 lines longer than 72 characters, max 76
-: 25 formfeeds not on a line by themselves

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